Clinical LCSWA supervision

I understand the significance in assisting with the upbringing of the following generation of clinical social workers dedicated to ethical practice and who want to promote change. I provide guidance in the process of becoming fully licensed and I am well acquainted with the requirements according to the NC Social Work Certification and Licensure Board. Using my naturally structured yet flexible approach, I am able to help LCSWA’s create an organized and focused plan for accruing their hours. My experience + compassion assists with creating a supportive relationship between the supervisee and supervisor that enables the development of initiative, self-confidence and risk-taking. LCSWAs learn more about their professional identity.
During the supervision process, supervisee can expect to become grounded in the knowledge and practical application of specific theoretical perspectives and practice models while also receiving encouragement to become attuned to how they show up in the therapeutic process, awareness on the impact this has on their practice, and develop the confidence to use their selves more effectively to enhance the psychotherapy process for their clients.

Supervision Sessions Individual supervision will typically occur once per week for an hour session. Mutually the supervisor and supervisee will provide as a minimum 24-hour notice if they are unable to attend.
I understand how expensive this process can be (been there!) and I want to ensure that this is not a burden. Supervision cost is $60 per session.
If you are interested in clinical supervision, please schedule a phone consultation here
You will be instructed to send your resume and copy of provisional license at this time as well.