all relationships take work, especially the one with yourself

+ i'm here to help you do that work

i help individuals find their way to understanding themselves by uncovering the root issues to anxiety, depression, low-self-esteem, boundaries + lack of self-love. together, we unpack + process the root causes of these presenting issues. 

i will go on the journey with you as we walk through the process toward resolution. 

you will drive the sessions we have + i see my role as a passenger. we will work together to get to the destination as I assist with the gps helping you identify detours + obstacles you may not recognize.

this work is not always easy + i promise to be with you on your journey.

hi, i'm america

cycle breaker. licensed therapist. advocate

I’m a mental health professional with a passion for emotional wellness + racial justice.  I teach women how to cultivate self-preservation, self-care + self-love through the lens of boundaries + addressing self-talk. 

I graduated with a bachelors degree in sociology from the university of north carolina at chapel hill + a masters degree in social work with distinction from North Carolina Central University.